Cream chaat banane ka tarika | Cooksbeautiful

Cream chaat banane ka tarika | Cooksbeautiful

 Cream chaat banane ka tarika

The cream chaat is a dessert and tasty and yummy to eat after the meal. You can serve it as a sweet dish. Once a day we eat only simple juicy chaat and now we add cream to it.

so today I am talking about a cream chaat recipe that is soo easy to make at home with a simple method and fruits that added to this cream chaat 

I am a big fan of the cream chaat dessert, I love to eat it as this is fresh and light not any spice,

Not need any hour or lot of minutes only 10 minutes you need to make it.

Cream chaat banane ka tarika
Cream chaat banane ka tarika

There is no baking strategy no need for any cooking only cut the fruits into cubes and mix with cream mixture.

But only the time will be waste on pilling the zest of fruits.

Mostly this cream salad recipe is eaten in the summer season, so try this summer dessert and I am sure you will be not disappointed.

Cream chaat banane ka tarika
Cream chaat banane ka tarika

Which Fruits you want to use in this recipe?

In this recipe, I add kiwi, cocktail fruit, Apple, Mango, banana, grapes, Melons but if you want to add more fruits it's up to you that you add more fruits.

If you added more fruits to it. the taste of this cream chaat more incredible. 


200ml cream pack

1/2 tsp of chaat masala

1/8 Tsp black pepper powder

3 tbsp powdered sugar

2-3 pinch of salt

2-3 tbsp raisins.

2 cups of melon cubes.

1 big Apple.

5 bananas.

1 cup of grapes.

1 cup of fruit cocktail.

2-3 kiwi fruit.

1 big Mango.


Take a big mixing bowl and add cream and powdered sugar in it.

Now add a pinch of salt, black pepper, and chaat masala, mix it until total all dry ingredients dissolved.

Now add all fruits one by one and mix them with a big spoon.

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